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Jackindiebox Ltd. was founded in 2010 by Jack Tyler and aswell as being CEO is Creative Director and Gameplay Programmer for multiplatform Indiependent Games development and self publishing.

Jack Indie Box Games™ Aims to produce and self-publish entertaining games with a low overhead to multiple platforms with a consistent polished quality across the board.

My choice of development suite is Game Maker:Studio by YoYo Games, I have 10 years experience using Game Maker
products and the features of this new edition are
exactly what my company needs. Projects will in
most cases be developed and self-published on
multiple platforms including: Windows, Mac, iOS,
Android, HTML5 and Facebook. Jack Indie Box
Games™ is a company member of TIGA the
non-profit trade association representing the
UK's games industry.

I am currently looking for a skilled 2D digital
artist to collaborate with me on my projects.
They must be capable of swiftly creating
coherent high quality animated visuals for every
aspect of my games with creativity to produce
different art styles, or to be exceptional at a
particular style. This opportunity comes on a
royalty basis so the better the artwork the more
the games will be capable of making. All game
artwork will be your responsibility including
ingame, User Interface and promotional
materials. If you or someone you know fits the
above criteria please contact me.
Jackindiebox Ltd. is a Uk registered company with companies house No. 07451751
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