Under Construction
A number of comercial titles are curently in prototyping and design stages.

I have completed two non comercial competition titles:

Bouncing Off The Walls
Music Interpretation entry for Game Jolt. Sole developer, spent part time over 1 month. In this competetion you had 1month to come up with a game based on something to do with music or a specific song or lyric. Mine was Bouncing off the walls by Sugarcult. I only really spent about a week designing, developping the game and creating the artwork at a liesurely pace.
Wormhole Warrior
A Game Maker Community Jam #7 entry made at a leisurely pace(ie. with sleep) over the 3 days. A number of sprites were produced by Joakim Junttila. Made in Game Maker Studio, ran out of time to make it user friendly or well thought out. Will in the near future fix bugs, design levels, balance game and add tutorials. Hopefully will have a web HTML5 version out too.
Bouncing Off The Walls menu Bouncing Off The Walls gameplay
Wormhole Warrior menu Wormhole Warrior gameplay
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